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Our Story

We are a family-owned business proudly making and selling the most complete set of Glow in the Dark Stars and Planets: main planets, dwarf planets and exoplanets.

It all started when our little boy became a star gazer and began the endless questions: Why the Sun? Full Moon or Crescent Moon? Ursa Major? Why is Pluto a dwarf planet?

He made us smile everyday and because he didn't want to fall asleep in the evening, we used his hobby and created a little magic, designing a complete set of Glow in the Dark Stars and Planets for ceiling. We transformed each and every sleeping moment with him into a sweet memory!

How about you? Can you close your eyes for a second and imagine a warm evening with your little one in his bedroom? Nothing is more precious in life than memories… And a little idea: record these moments with your smartphone. Children grow up so fast ....

If you decide to offer this product as a present for an expecting mom or any baby party, be sure that your gift will rock and every mom and dad will want one for their own.

We want to be a little blessing in our customers' lives by helping them this to launch their child's Imagination