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Adventure to OUTER SPACE


There’s something magical about stargazing. Looking up into the night sky and letting your mind wander to distant galaxies and faraway planets. Searching through the cosmos for ancient constellations and glittering supernovas. 

Since the dawn of time, humans have turned to the stars for answers. The magic of the night sky feels inherently soothing. It invites a sense of wonder and curiosity to all who gaze upon it. 

While the dark can feel scary for some children, our glow-in-the-dark stars and planets for the ceiling provide a soothing atmosphere to help your kids drift off peacefully. 

Blast Off…

Our Amazon solar system wall decal options feature the most complete set of planets in the galaxy! As part of our glow-in-the-dark planets set, you’ll find everything from the sun to dwarf planets and most planetary objects in-between. We even offer hypothetical Planet X (which NASA hypothesizes has a mass 10 times the size of Earth!)

According to NASA, our solar system currently holds more planets than it does stars. With our planet wall decals, your child can explore our galaxy’s gas giants like Jupiter and Saturn or travel closer to the sun with Mercury. 

Planets can be placed in order or kids can flex their creativity by creating their own solar systems. They can combine shooting stars with exoplanets or even create the signs of the zodiac with ceiling constellations. 


You can give your child space to create their own world through glow-in-the-dark stars and planets. They can learn about the vast galaxies that surround us and the different shaped planets and constellations that make up our own milky way.

Kids will love engaging with the wonder of space and space travel. From moon landings to planetary excursions, space travel gives kids a fun way to dive into science. Learning about space can also help kids learn to appreciate our own planet here on Earth. Going to sleep under a glowing galaxy can make learning facts about our solar system more fun. Engage them by introducing facts such as:

Jupiter is the largest planet and is home to many moons

Out of 8 planets in our system, Earth lands in the third spot

Saturn doesn’t contain any hard surfaces (a true gas giant!)

Pluto was newly classified as a dwarf planet (it’s even smaller than our moon!)


You can create an entire solar system through our easy-to-stick decals. With a galaxy at their fingertips, your child can learn all about our universe before drifting off to sleep. With just 2 hours of sun exposure per day, your child can enjoy hours of glowing sun, moon, stars, and planets at night from the comfort of their bed. 

Ignite your child’s wonder by using our stars and planets for the ceiling, and help them set off on a grand adventure from the comfort of Earth

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